Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Seminyak Nomad

We just saw Nomad which got best picture at this year's Academy Awards. Then we came to fancy, bustling, Seminyak and instead of seeming like Beverly Hills, it seems a little like the abandoned Nevada town in Nomad - factory and houses empty. Not that bad but compared to pre Covid I got that hit. - dc 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Our home is being treated for termites. They're going to drill holes all the way around the foundation and spray in the attic. We left this morning Tuesday and will return Saturday afternoon. All eleven fans in the house will be running high with all the doors and windows open. Our housekeeper will be in charge. Meanwhile we're taking advantage of Covid prices at an old-fashioned hotel in Seminyak by Double Six Beach. They gave us a suite. One other suite occupied and it's by relatives of the owner. Zipped over here in a little over thirty minutes. Before Covid I avoided coming here cause of the traffic. Really bad. A few other people on the beach looking up and down. None other in our area. Told a guy waiting for some business we'd rent sun chairs with umbrella shade tomorrow and get coconut water and hang out a while. Today just walked and let the waves bash me back in again and again. No waves to speak of in Sanur inside the reef but good for swimming. Prefer that but this is neat now and then - at least during Covid levels of tourists - no foreign ones at all. Santai - relaxed. And plenty of time for work. Thinking about friends who've passed on and one in the hospital.