Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sacha Stevenson

I love this Canadian woman. Here's a video from her, longer than usual, that's for both Indonesians and non Indonesians, more-so the former but great to hear, so it's in both Indonesian and English though the subtitles stop half way through - still a bunch of English after that but you can stop there too. The English translation of the title - It's Nice being Indonesian leaves out "According to a Caucasian." Enak is better than nice and includes tasty. And the Indonesian in the bit below the video says "Are you Indonesian? This is an opportunity to be grateful." She's got a zillion more on You Tube. This is not the first mention of her here. - dc

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy Day!

St. Stupid's Day that is. If you're near the Bay Area, join it and tell 'em I miss 'em.

Official website page for today

cuke page for past Stupid events