Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Bloody Day

Walked to Bali Mandara hospital to see the ear, nose, and throat doctor. She said the perforation in my ear had closed up so I can swim again. Halleluiah. So that was a month ago. I'd only swum twice in ten weeks, both failed attempts to keep the ear dry and after the second time, it got infected again. But abstention and discipline had paid off. Happily I left the hospital to walk home and had four accients on the way, the first when I ran across the busy divided bypass and smashed my foot into a sharp place on a curb. That resulted in a good deal of blood, tissues from the nice rattan store guy, and a hosing off outside an eatery.

Monday, January 27, 2020


Stopped by the corner phone shack and bought Katrinka some data for Internet access in her iPhone and I know hers expires at midnight. On the way back home will drop into the small local post office to pay the water bill and buy 500,000 rupiah of electric pulsa for the home, the maximum the sweet woman there can sell. She’s already got our info so she sees me, we chat, she gives me the bill, I pay, and she gives me the receipt with the 20 numbers I have to write into a box on a wall on the porch and about 320 kilowatts appears on our account. We use about 16 KW a day so it costs almost two bucks a day. But before the post office, a walk to Bali Mandara Hospital to get my ear checked, to see if the perforation has closed and I can go swimming again. Will tell about that and subsequent events in tomorrow’s exciting instalment of Life in Sanur. [photo - corner place where I bought the phone data for Katrinka.]

Thursday, January 23, 2020

100 Seconds!

Doomsday Clock gets closer than ever. ---------The symbolic Doomsday Clock, which indicates how close our planet is to complete annihilation, is now only 100 seconds away from midnight. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) said on Thursday that the change was made due to nuclear proliferation, failure to tackle climate change and "cyber-based disinformation".

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ice Sculpting

Kelly Chadwick as the spokesperson makes the KHQ TV news when his Spirit Pruners biz in Spokane joins with another arborist biz to sculpt blocks of ice.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Good Friends Visit - Yeah!

Best buds from Japan - first met in 1988 - who come to Bali every year to screw around and shop for their outlets in the US came to visit with Katrinka and me on Tuesday. Here we all are on the corner of our gang (alley) and the street after a lunch at the beach and rain. L to r DC, Bandita, Jay, Katrinka, Jake, Kyoko.
Jay and Kyoko's Japanese and Bali (and other Asian) arts and crafts are available in Seattle from their warehouse at times - Kyoto Art and Antiques. Jake and his wife Yuko have Kodo Arts Japanese antiques in Nevada City, CA.

Monday, January 20, 2020

One more Fungette

Kelly had some sort of calling toward fungi from when he was small. Elizabeth Sawyer was taking care of the kids at the SFZC City Center one day in about 1978 when Kelly was about five. She took the over to the Green Gulch Greengrocer and let them chose what they wanted. They all chose ice cream or chocolate or something sweet except for Kelly who got a bag of mushrooms.

That reminds me of a time when Peter Rudick (I think) and I took the kids to a Steve Wonder concert (I think) at the Oakland Colusium (I think). Afterwords we went to a Pancake House and all got pancakes - except Kelly who got a salad.

What would be an appropriate comment now? - DC 

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Even More on Fungi

Clay was two and a half. He, Kelly, and I drove from Santa Fe to Fort Worth overnight, leaving after living there for a year with Elin. Kelly was 20, visiting and helping us get ready for the move. Elin had driven a rental truck to Bay Area then flew to DFW to meet us. Before K, C, and I left, we visited some folks - Bob Watkins and other friends in Taos at a powwow, Joan Halifax, Josh Shrei and a party of others Kelly's age who were having a hair party - cutting, dying, mohawks. We both got our heads shaved. And we visited with Willem Malten of the wonderful Cloud Cliff Bakery who gave us a big bag of mushrooms and told us to set aside a day to eat them all at once for the maximum effect. He was into the Terrance McKenna trip where when one gets high on them one is melding with the mind of the mushrooms which are from outer space and bring love. I gave up psychedelics in 67 so I told Kelly he could keep them, but as I drove at night with him and Clay asleep, I decided I could take one tiny nibble off one. That got me as high as I could be and still feel okay driving. Wow. I had to concentrate constantly, and decided to follow Willem's advice and let the love of the mushrooms guide me and it all worked out with me softly chanting "All is love" as I drove into the night.