Friday, July 29, 2022

Mr. Gaia Remembered

James Lovelock talks about his Gaia hypothesis and climate change in 2014 interview – video - Guardian

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


 That's Indonesian for earthquake. Katrinka and I felt it but Kadek didn't. Katrinka was downstairs I was up just falling into a cat nap when BAM! and bam, a big bam followed by a little one. No shaking no aftershocks no follow-up. Should we run outside? No I want a nap. Later downstairs we talked. I knew it was too much to be a big truck on our gang delivering something massive and going over a  bump. Kadek was on a couch in the living room folding dry and ironed clothes. She hadn't noticed. There are so many sounds and it was so quick it was understandable. About an hour had passed. I wrote "earthquake bali" and one of the scientific sites with immediate reporting came up. 

Strongest quake today: Mag. 3.7 | Bali Sea, 14 km SE of DenpasarProvinsi BaliIndonesia - 54 minutes ago