Monday, April 19, 2021

There are Confucians and Pagans here too

We have a constantly morphing mixed scene here. A petri dish of world religions. Hindu housekeep and driver, Muslim carpenter and electrician, Christian bringing the coconuts, Moneyya the Theravadan monk, Katrinka and I nouveau Mahayana Zennies, Eliot a Jewish Muslim honoring both traditions, Reuben a committed atheist delivering organic produce from his farm, Plenty of none-of-the-aboves. As Kardino Muslim carpenter says, "God doesn't care." 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Back to Our Bedroom Day

Having had a bath in five weeks. Sounds like something a foul smelling person would say but I've had showers, usually two, sometimes three in a day. But we've got our bedroom back now. Bed's made and ready and just as soon as this is posted gonna go in there, turn on the hot water for our nice size Japanese soaking tub, do the dishes, and dive in. Then it's back to our bed. Been a long time. Yay. Or is it yeah?

Friday, April 16, 2021

Family/Katrinka's Studio Construction -- winding down.


Furniture went back into our bedroom today and upstairs will be ready tomorrow. So much going on though, lots of it noisy, with last minute stuff, that Katrinka took Bandi to the beach, we conferred on placement of stuff, she went through some other stuff in boxes and went back to Alice's to get a way from the noise. Kardino is finishing up quicker than he estimated. That's rare to see. And we've thrown a bunch of changes and extras his way too. He doesn't care. They're so concentrated and uncomplicated. No drama. Bandi brings all the drama. Kardino is a pro dog Muslim Mudik the electrician is a dog keep away from me Muslim but he's gotten used to Bandi and doesn't seem to care anymore. They're cleaning all the ceiling fan blades now. Grinding rust off them, painting them, making them look new. We've got nine ceiling fans, three bathroom fans, two wall fans, and three standing fans. They're dust collectors. But worse than that - they get so grungy and rusty in a rather short time. All but one are new three and a half years ago.

Peing Day

 In other news, today is, according to housekeeper Kadek, Galungan Peing, two days after Galungan. I asked her what's the meaning. She said she didn't know. That's the third day's name. She said there are no more special names till Kuningan. 

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sweet Galungan

 Komang delivered some coconut sugar today. I asked him what do you call the days between Galungan which was yesterday and Kuningan which is in nine days. He said that today is Galungan Manis. Manis means sweet. He said that yesterday is for going to the temple and making offerings but today's for the road, for visiting with relatives and celebrating - the victory of good over evil I guess. That's as far as we got in the Galungan discussion for then it veered off into forgotten tangents.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Today is Galungan

Every 210 days we have Galungan and ten days later there's Kuningan and that whole time has a great significance for the Hindus here. Homes and businesses sport Penjor, a tall, bending, decorated bamboo pole, Ketut Artana, driver we've known since we arrived and husband of our beloved housekeeper Kadek, just put a note on a penjor and Galungan video I put on Facebook earlier. He reminded me it's the victory of darma over adarma - or like good over evil. It's the custom to give extra money to those who work for you so Kadek, gardener Made, and driver Nyoman received that but not the Muslims finishing up the guest room construction here. It's not their trip. Yeah Muslims! And Vincent who brings and prepares coconuts twice a week is a Christian so none for him. Yeah Christians!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


I hear people say they're afraid to take the AstraZeneca vaccine because of the brain clot issue. Let's see now. In one study, 80 showed signs of blood clots out of 25 million. That's a one in 312,500 chance. But of course there would have been the unreported so let's cut that in half and some more and say one in 100,00 chance of developing blood clots. But the chance of dying from Covid is measured in the number per hundred in older people and per thousand in younger ones. I'm 76 and one New York study had as high as 14 out of 100 cases kicking the bucket in my age group - a thousand times more likely to die from it in the 70s than the 20s. So not getting vaccinated because of the chance of a brain clot didn't work when we ran the numbers. And that's just dying. There are a lot of possible bad outcomes from Covid that vie with brain clots and are much more likely to happen. Then there's the high rate of those vaccinated with AZ who still get Covid 19. Not an argument against getting it as it's highly effective in blocking serious illness or death. Mild cases. All sounds pretty morbid. Actually Katrinka and I have not worried about any of that. We're pretty fit and thought if we got it we'd still be okay and we've led fairly dangerous lives Covid-wise. But we're very happy with the way the numbers read now. And we're very happy that almost everyone we're around has been vaccinated.