Monday, October 18, 2021

Want to Come to Bali anytime soon?


Have you read in the news that Bali is now open to international flights from outside of Indonesia? If you check out Bali Covid 19 update for October 17 you can read the fine print. It's a thorough daily report. As you'll see there, "Bali airport open to international flights" is not at all the whole story. That's for 19 countries and the US is not one of them. Those from the US, Australia, a number of European countries, have to go through Jakarta and do five days quarantine there in an approved hotel. Same for those landing in Bali. The required visa for one month is B2-11 which is around 500 bucks now and extendable for a 2nd month for don't know how much. And one has to have a particular app on a smart one and a negative test within three days of takeoff and proof of two vaccine shots. And the rules are always changing. I was told yesterday that all the international flights are still coming from Jakarta because the airlines won't book flights till things look stable. That can change in a day. Lot of hassle and money to get here so far.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 My father, Kelly Chadwick. Born October 12th, 1903. My first spiritual teacher. Thanks a lot setting me on the path Daddy.