Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Toy Store Finale

Sometimes in the summer when I was in high school, mother would ask why don't I get a job like many of my friends did. I told her, "Because I don't have to." But this was seven months after I'd graduated from high school and I guess I wanted some money of my own. Right before Xmas, the department store started laying off temporary workers. You could see who was going next because their time card had a note on it. Then it was my turn. It had been fun. A woman, late teens like me, who I worked with, had been sort of snarky. She and I were together at the time clock and she laughed when she saw my severance note. She went, "Ha ha! You've been fired!"  I wasn't concerned. Work wasn't over yet. She taunted me some more. Time to leave her time card had a note and she broke down sobbing and cried on my shoulder. I told her she'd get another job soon. Don't worry. 

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