Tuesday, March 9, 2021

More on the Toy Store Job

I was getting a few dollars an our working for that downtown toy store in December, 1964. During lunch break I'd walk a block or so to the Fort Worth Club, a private men's club that allowed widows of members to remain members for a minimal monthly charge. It was a posh place. Sid Richardson used to live there when he was maybe the richest man in America. One floor was men only - no wives. I'd play a little pool - they even had a real billiard table and a snooker table - and sign for a lunch that might have cost as much as a few hours pay I was getting. One day I got to talking to a man there sitting at the bar. You had to be 21 to drink in Texas then but they didn't card me. I begged off to go order lunch. We introduced ourselves. When he heard my last name he said, "Are you related to the Kelroy Chadwick?" 

I said, "Yes. He was my father." 

"Finest man I ever met," he said. "Let me buy you lunch."

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