Friday, March 12, 2021

Chaos Coming

Thanks to a generous gift from a future guest to our home in Sanur, we're having a guest room built. We did have a tiny guest room with two small windows up high for some light and air, but I commandeered it for a recording studio which I use daily. The guest room will be built above Katrinka and my bedroom, a wall of which must be shored up to bear the weight. So all is coming out of there before work begins. That work will entail making a new ceiling. Kardino (see photo), the contractor, will sleep here - either outside on the bale which is like a stage with a roof, or in the part of the bedroom that won't be worked on which is really a small adjoining room that was part of the original two story house. His son and grandson and anyone else will commute. We like Kardino, have known him for seven years. He's from Java. All the skilled building trade people I know are from Java. The bedroom is an add-on. so is half of the kitchen. It's not easy to tell that if you're not into construction or something related. So Katrinka is going to stay with a friend for a month or so and I'll stay here. Or that's the plan. Kardino says six weeks for the whole job but that usually means a fraction of the time it will take in the US or here. Hope it's a fraction approaching a whole number. I'm looking forward to it. It will all be like music for me. My only regret is there won't be any heavy equipment.

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