Sunday, March 1, 2020

Archive of Civil Rights History in Mississippi needs help

Here's a message from Conversations Mississippi needing money to keep storing their archive. I'll send a small gift. They've got to get this archive with a University or the Miss. Civil Rights Museum, or Smithsonian but till they figure that out, they need to preserve it. Thanks for helping. - DC 

We need to let you know that the angel has chosen different priorities after March 2020.  So the archive of Mississippi civil rights history and the 55 years of progressive movements since Freedom Summer, preserved by Conversations Mississippi for 6 years after loss of a previous angel, is again in danger.

You haven't heard from us for a while because we've had an angel who paid much or all of the storage rent for the archive for about 2 years.

The $1,325 monthly rent for 6 storage units still has to be paid, and we need you to do what you can to help.

Jan's contributions have been 55 years of free labor and many thousands of dollars in loans to pay the rent, with always a low income.  More than 100 people have contributed money over the 6 years, including one current sustainer at $30 a month.  We are calling for those, plus new supporters we or you can identify, to keep the records safely housed until we can develop the resource center for the movements we need today.

Conversations MS was designed for intergenerational Conversations, and we still want to have those.  Circumstances beyond our control continue to delay that program.  The necessity of keeping the archive from being auctioned off because of unpaid rent is why we need contributions now.

If you care about
    archives of civil rights and Mississippi history
    historical research
    progressive social change
    community dialogs with youth and elders,

you can make a difference as a financial supporter and outreacher to your friends (including bequests and memorials)
and/or as a colleague in the archive and the resource center for building a better future for Mississippi.

Ask your questions and then please Reply to let us know how you will participate.  Thank you !

Jan Hillegas          Charles Holmes          Annie Cooper

Conversations MS               a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
P. O. Box 1041
Jackson, MS  39215

           Conversations Mississippi
              2019 Financial Report

Balance on hand January 1, 2019*             $   2,259.16

Income - Contributions                                    16,233.00

     Storage rental & late fees for archive   $ 15,917.30
     PO Box rent, Charities renewal                       170.25
                                                                         $ 16,087.55

Balance on hand December 31, 2019**  $    2,734.61

Loans Received 2019                                            330.00

Total Loans Outstanding (2013-2019)      $  14,354.70

*Contribution toward January & February 2019 received 2018

**Contribution for January & February 2020 received 2019

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