Saturday, February 29, 2020

Corona Virus and hands

I live in Indonesia and anywhere in Asia it's easy not to shake hands. Here in Bali the two-handed bow is practiced everywhere, even by Muslims, but the hand on the heart which is popular with Muslims is common too. In Japan, people just tilt their bodies forward some as a polite bow. And with all the Western influence, shaking hands is popular too - high fives and fist bumps and other varieties learned from mass media as well. Two days ago I decided to stop shaking hands. It's come up three times and it's easy to indicate one doesn't want to. A doc I saw on TV said it's better to hug. The NHS of England has not yet suggested people stop doing it. Some world leaders have stopped. Lots being written about this online. I like all the methods of greeting but for now will keep this no hand shaking up. Actually the main greeting here is people calling out to each other greetings as they pass each other.

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