Friday, February 28, 2020


Sampah is trash in Indonesian. We make compost from kitchen waste and and some garden droppings, but we don't have the room to use all the leaves that fall here. So we have a large container for organic sampah and a small one for non organic, small because we recycle plastic, paper, and metal. Our house cleaner (which we're required by law to employ) got into the habit of putting the non organic and organic together. I told her that I know that they throw it all in the truck and it just goes to landfill, but it's too painful for me to see them mixed. Bali could be enriching it's soil with compost instead of chemical fertilizers. And they definitely should use the kitchen waste for compost or to feed pigs - if they must have pigs. Waste management is a big problem here and they know it and it's a big problem almost everywhere including the US. The solutions do not require new technology, just the will to deal with it and change the way things are being done. 

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