Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Lipan Lipan

Another time we were at Genius on the beach here in Sanur, again drinking coconut water from coconuts sitting on one of their outdoor couches or sofa's, this one under the roof and next to the kitchen which is outside with us. I had my computer as we'd come for longer. We could put valuables in a locker but we ordered the drinks and I went out for the swim while she sat with our stuff. Then when I came back she was free to go out. She was back and we were sitting their doing what we do with those computing contraptions and I felt something on my arm - agh! a centipede and I'd brushed it away before I could think. It was small - maybe an inch and a little - and yellow. Back to digitopia and all was peaceful till - what's that? Agh! another one my knee. Lightning fast brush it off. Later there was one on Katrinka then one on my arm again. Nice they didn't bite. At the cashier I told two employees there were lipan lipan (that's how they make plurals) in our sofa, maybe a nest of little ones coming out to discover the world. On the way walking home ran into a friend and chatted a sec. Said where we'd been. Mentioned we don't go there as often now. Had to complain though, but not about the centipedes, about the awful music they play. I will not bring that up again having divested myself through these last three posts.

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