Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Like Monks practicing Austerities

Katrinka and had just been walking and swimming at the beach with dogette Bandita who always runs into the water first to wade around a bit - not a swimmer. I go in and backstroke out till I get to water deep enough to do the crawl. I used to swim way out and then back and meet them when they were back from walking and Kat would get in for a bit and we'd go home. But there's a nice current going down the beach now that I can swim with and keep up or almost keep up with her walking so I go way down with her and we walk back after she's been in a while.  Usually we bring nothing and can't get anything but today she brought some money so she could get a massage from one of the ladies with tables in the shade. So before I went home with Bandi we sat on a couch in front of Genius and had coconut water from coconuts with bio-degradable straws. Lovely view, great weather, quenching kelapa mudah (young coconut as they call the drink), and their noise pollution music. No music would be so great but that was not to be and I didn't let it bother me, thought of it as an austerity practice like that of Saint Francis who'd put ashes in his food.  

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