Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Boring day to day stuff in Denpasar follows.

Took some books to get printed yesterday. Photocopy places are super busy with students and biz folk. I'm used to going to this one which makes it quicker cause I know what to do. Making three copies of a book by a friend here about her experience with the horrendous bombings in 2002 and 2003. She is a nurse practitioner and was a first responder. Just gave a copy of the book to use. No questions asked or even considered. And brought files on thumb drive which they call flash disk to get five copies of A Brief History of Tassajara published by Cuke Press. They'll all be ready today. That guy who took the flash disk to get the book ready to print was so quick. I'm going to ask him today if he might be interested in some work on the side. Paid in advance which wasn't necessary - about fifty bucks.

I withdrew a bunch of money when the dollar was super high here. It's high still but not super high. So I went to withdraw some yesterday. I got a number out of the machine at the entrance, asked the  employee who stands by the door how long the wait was. He said thirty minutes. I went out and down the street to our favorite little nook to buy phone pulsa for Kat and me. The wife was there with her little boy.  Usually it's the husband. Buying pulsa is like buying minutes but it's more like energy. There are two types for the smart phones - regular and data or internet. I get an equal amount of each for Katrinka - about 7 bucks each which will last her a month. For myself I get less data because I leave that function turned off most the time on my phone so I only go online with it via wifi (pronounced here like wifey or waifee). I do that because it sucks up too much phone time and I'm online enough. Earlier I'd bought electric (listrik) pulsa for our home at the local post office counter. One woman always there unless there's a ceremony she has to go to. She keeps our info in a book so I don't have to show her anything. Paid the water bill with her too. That's about five bucks a month. Electricity is about two bucks a day. We can pay phone with her too but not the data part so I waited to do that at the other place.

Then I got a manicure by order of the queen of the house. Then I went back to the bank and had to wait another half hour for my number to come up. But there was a problem. You need a bank ATM card to withdraw plus bankbook and passport. I told her I didn't replace it when it expired because I don't like cards - they suck up money. She got an officer who let me make a one time withdrawal but since I don't have the old card we'll have to go to the police station nearby to get a get a lost card document from them. He said we'll tell them it was lost, not that you cut it up. I'd told him that's what we do in the States but now I know that's not what they do here. I'll enjoy doing that. I like doing things with people here. The only down side is that the bank officer speaks good English so I'll just have to listen and watch it go smoothly rather than struggling through the process. 

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