Friday, January 11, 2019

Bye Bye - See you later in the month

I'm off to a Vipassana retreat at Brahmavihara Arama (BVA) in Singaraja regency. It's led by a nun, bhikkhuni we say here but she uses ayya instead. Ayya Santini. She's from Java and was ordained at BVA by the founder, Girirakkhito, from Bali. Here's an article on her and here's an interview: Reviving the Bhikkhuni Sangha in IndonesiaShe's somewhat controversial because she's taking a lead where women are supposed to just follow. The other three Vipassana retreats I've done at BVA have been led by monks from Myanmar. And all practice a type of Vipassana meditation like the temple's founder that is compatible with zazen, emphasizing the hara though they don't use that word. 

Take care. DC

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