Friday, January 4, 2019

Almond Milk

Finally started making our own almond milk. We've been getting it delivered fresh for a few years and I kept saying I'd try making it motivated by curiosity and financial considerations. Almonds are expensive here and so is almond milk. So I did some research and found a site with a how-to video I liked best, one reason being she didn't peel the skins off. One cup almonds soak 12 hours in fridge overnight, blend, squeeze through cloth bag like we'd used for squeezing grapes - I see them called nut-milk bags online, and use. That's it. It was great. We loved it.

She also advised bringing less than a quarter almost to a boil and mixing it back in to sort of homogenize it. That worked and it thickened it all as a result but we've found that's not necessary. I measured how many cups in the kilo of almonds and compared the volume of almond produced by a cup - close to two pints. Compared price. Costs about half as much and we like our better and don't have to freeze it - it's only good for two days in fridge. But we like it so much that we're using a little bit more so I'm having to make it every other day which is okay. Also I think I may be able to stop adding a little bit of cow milk to it. I've wanted nixing that to be the next step toward vegan, leaving some seafood and cheese.

The next step was doing something with the pulp. I've talked to a local organic place - Bali Buddha about that but they just throw that out. More online research later I see the pulp, like almond milk, can be used in a variety of ways. Goes with a lot. First I used it for pancakes, mixing with breadcrumb flour and they were great. Next mixed in with oatmeal - good again.

We use the almond milk just to put in tea (me) and coffee and tea (Katrinka). It goes with any tea including (don't tell) good Japanese green tea like sencha.

Next - Get kilos of almonds at Alam Bhoga wholesale. Come join our hippy commune in Bali.

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