Friday, December 14, 2018

Wedding Report part 2

The ceremony was in an elevated area inside a room with a floor and altar and there's a kitchen in back. I think all that is his sister's. I'd connected our driver Komang to the them so he could find it and Ketut was waiting for us out front which was festively decorated as were other wedding sites we passed. It was a good day for a wedding. When Katrinka and I got married here we had to choose a date off the Bali calendar with a fully tattooed shirtless muscular head of our local banjar, neighborhood government. It was unthinkable to choose a bad date. Before we arrived Komang pulled over so I could use the jungle toilet, as he called it, and Katrinka and I could put our formal gear over what we were wearing - her a thin, lovely golden dress that folds across like a sarong, her hand and toenails gold. Komang helped me cinch my blue sarong right and get my new batik headband on correctly. All the men and women were dressed thus for the occasion, but the attire of the women of course was so beautiful - and they, of all ages, were too. The ceremony proper had been between ten and eleven and we were there for the food and mainly to make an appearance. There were no other foreigners. Kadek was stunning - I didn't recognize her at first with the ruby makeup and all. We were treated like royalty. Seated in pink plastic chairs at a table by ourselves and brought little boxes with a bottle of water and some treats.  People were all over - out front, on the way in, sitting in pink plastic chairs, all around us, lining up at the buffet table, standing around. Everyone seemed aware of us and shy. Katrinka said, we're surely billed as her and sometimes his employer. Kadek went out and found our driver Komang and brought him in. She couldn't ask me on that day why we didn't hire her husband because he was busy with the wedding. She helped me get servings for Katrinka and me - in rattan plates with paper disks on top to hold the food in. Good food - passed on the pork - which was special for the occasion, Kadek who knows we don't eat meat did offer twice though - greens and other local veggie dishes, fried tempe bits, batter fried mushroom, rice. Yum yum. 

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