Thursday, December 13, 2018

Wedding Report part one

Took us four hours to get to the wedding on Wednesday the 12th, leaving at 8am. First dropped off dogette Bandita at Bali Kennel which is five star, cheap and blessedly near us and it's the only one in south Bali where most the foreigners are. Then almost entirely on crowded two lane roads through Denpasar and thinning out through many little towns and by rice fields and jungle and winding over a mountain with a monkey here and there on the side of the road to the norther regency of Singaraja (Lion King). Driver Komang was on the phone and asked around till we found Ketut and Kadek's home there. Kadek's our housecleaner and Ketut's a driver we've known since we first arrived. It's not really their home. They live in Denpasar. But Hindus here have to return to their village of birth for ceremony and are supposed to have a home to go to. Ketut can't afford to build a new home up there all at once so right now just some cinder block walls next to his sister's house. Covering some of the walls were spreads of colorful material and one long red cloth banner advertising Telecomsel, the government phone company. [more tomorrow] - No wedding photos yet.

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