Saturday, December 15, 2018

Wedding Report 3

Kadek brought the bride and groom to greet us. Shy nineteen year old Nopita was tall and stunning with crown. Last time we met she was a foot shorter in high school. Her new husband young and shy too. They'll live in Denpasar. Maybe they already do. She serves, he cooks at Al Dente in Kuta. We've heard of it. Good rep. I gave him an envelope with their names on it and a card inside with the Om symbol implying the Bali greeting, "Om swastiastu." Inside were congratulations in Indonesian and English and five nice crisp rupiah bills. Then they were off with parents to go to the family temple and after that a few hours away to Kadek's village for more ceremony and festivities. Little by little we had been relating to others near us young and old - Nopita's little sister Lena and teen friends, littler brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, neighbors. It was obvious only two were used to being with foreigners - a cousin gold and silver jewelry salesman and a driver, both of whom live in Denpasar. By the time we left, it was all most comfortable and friendly. That's not hard to do here. Ketut's sister brought us a box of leftovers with lots of her little batter fried mushrooms that I'd eaten tons of and praised - she's got a home industry making and selling them. We were off beneath dark clouds, passing other decorative wedding sites with people spilling out into the streets slowing us down. A final stop at a market in Tabanan with hundreds of stalls to get our favorite bananas that ripen green, mangoes and mangosteen, little green limes, purple grapes good for juicing. Back home at sunset paid Komang and we gave him some of the fruit from the market and the box of leftovers. Time for a shower. 

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