Friday, November 6, 2015

Bali Denpasar Ngara Rai Airport closed

Last time it was a volcano in East Java - to the west. This time it's Mt. Rinjani in Lombok on the east side.

Denpasar airport is open today after having been closed for three days.

Got my fingers crossed for Kelly's arrival Sunday and Katrink's return on Wednesday.

Both of them are flying here from Taipei on Eva Air. I told them if they're stuck go to the National Palace Museum with its enormous display of Chinese art and artifacts taken out by the Kuomintang Nationalists with Chang Kai Shek in 1949 in many planeloads. I read that only 5% is on display at one time. They're opening another branch soon and maybe there are others. Suggested to Kelly that if there's an extended delay, the best place to be stuck for me would be Bangkok and Singapore is good if you're willing to spend more. The botanical gardens there shouldn't be missed. They have a cold house which is like the opposite of our hot houses. They have a special orchid garden within. Singapore's a great town to walk around in.

Sent all that and more to Kelly and Katrinka and added Billie Holiday with We'll be Together Again.

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