Thursday, November 5, 2015

Katrinka - have you opened your gift yet?

Sent Katrinka a Facebook message yesterday reading, "Hi Katrinka. There's a gift for you waiting for you to open. Can you find it?"

That wasn't the only note she got. I emailed her and Whats App'd her asking if she'd opened the gift and she just answered what gift? She and her son and family were at Port Orford all day so we didn't talk till she was in bed at 9pm.
She'd looked on the front porch, in her emails, on Facebook, and on what she called my website by which she meant I wouldn't tell her where it was, said keep looking tomorrow She's busy getting ready to come back to Bali, but I know she'd like to find it. Told her I'd give her clues. Told her I was having problem with online connection because my web sites were all uploading to OneDrive which for Windows 10 can't be paused. Let's see if she figures it out tomorrow.

Kept wondering why this hadn't posted - I pre post most posts these days - schedule them. Why? Daylight savings time has passed in the US. Now were 16 instead of 15 hours ahead. Hope you enjoyed yesterday.

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