Friday, November 6, 2015

Song and Video for Katrinka

Thinking of You - a song and video for Katrinka on my Youtube channel.

Here's the Defuser Music page for it.

Below is something wrote about making it.

Wednesday night - been trying to get as much done as possible before Kelly arrives and then Katrinka returns. Took a break. Got out the guitar first time in a couple of weeks. Went through the handful of songs I've written here to keep them in mind. Set the guitar down on the satte and returned to the laptop. A couple of hours later, time for another break. Walked around for a minute. Drank some water. Sat back down. Looked at the guitar and thought, I should write a song for Katrinka. She's been working so hard moving and consolidating our storage. Thirty minutes later it was done and most of that spent refining it.

I don't know where these things come from. Not saying the quality of the artistry is the same, but I'd say the source is the same as what Caruso said about where his voice came from. He said his gift came from god. I'd not use the same terms though.

Then I thought. Hmm. I should get that to her while she's there. I bought a recording setup last winter and have never opened it. And the mike on this thousand dollar computer doesn't work as well as the ones on cheap little office cassette recorders did forty-five years ago. Ah - but tech guy Untung sold me these Seinheiser ear plugs to use with my iPhone. Tried it. It was fine.

Thought, OK, I'll get it recorded real quick, send it to her and get back to work. It was 11pm. I'm usually in bed by then but I was so up for it. Got it recorded fairly quickly - in an hour. 2nd take then tried a bunch of stuff to try to make it sound like a 20s crooner song. Little out of my range but I'm used to a large degree of imperfection with my song recordings. Then - how to get it to her. Put it on Defuser Music dot com, my song site. Made a song page for it. Got that done. Going on one in the morning.

I'd been working with family and ZC videos and had that Youtube site and thought, gee, I could throw up a bunch of photos with that audio and put it on my personal channel there - David Reich Chadwick as opposed to the Cuke Video channel.

Did it. A lot of what looks intentional is just how the cards fell. Then reclined and went to sleep at 8am. I haven't stayed up all night working like that for years. Ketut and Wayang woke me at 10:20 to clean the room. Couldn't go back to sleep. It's late afternoon now. Today's been like a hangover day. Ain't had a wet one in a long time - before 2005. But it was worth it. Won't pick up that guitar again for a week - too dangerous - but I think I'll try to record a song a week - but no more late nighters. Good lord. This one's Katrinka's present - the one I said was waiting for her to open in Oregon. Wonder if she's found it yet.

Update Friday: Poor Katrinka. I tortured her by making her ask questions about where her present was and how to open it. Today after working with our storage for almost the last time she asked for clues. I said I'd been giving them to her. I'd sent her an email with just "Thinking of You" but that didn't help of course. I asked her what had I given her for her birthday and as a wedding present. She named jewelry and things. What else? Is it something to read? Yes, but if I gave you a ring with a word on it, it would also be something to read. Is it love? Yes. Oh thanks so much - you sent love. Yes, but if I gave you a ring, it would be love too. Finally I said, "What did I give Ben (the owner of the restaurant Annapurna) for his birthday." A song? Right. Oh - you gave me a song? You're almost there. After a while she went to Youtube and found it. I apologized for putting her through that and said if it had been me I'd have said I don't like guessing. Just tell me. She's a good sport.

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