Monday, May 18, 2015

This Morning

It was really cool this morning before the sun came up and not hot on the court. Heat = tiredness.
Heat goes up and I get tired playing tennis, sometimes almost exhausted. Last weak was getting week (ha ha) in the 2nd hour, having to make an extra effort each shot to grip the racket and hit the ball with some force. Nothing like that today. Just looked at the weather for last Thursday and it says it was the same as today. No way. Maybe it's the breeze. I took new addition to our tennis group Ian to the little shack among a row of them on the beach on walk home for him to try their Bali coffee. Have mentioned it before - run by Wayan and his wife Vera (they pronounce Vs with a lot of F in there). She was home with the baby. I generously paid the 3k rupia, like a quarter, for his coffee. He liked it. My sister liked it so much I had to go there every morning with her to watch the sunrise. It's like Turkish coffee but not that strong - finely ground, not filtered. I got tea with sweet evap milk which is OK. There were bigger waves than I've ever seen here and a higher tide too - almost coming to where we were sitting. Usually Sanur waves would be classified as tiny or no waves. Stripped down to my underwear and jumped in. Actually got a little body surfing in - first time around here. That was fun. Maybe Ian was a little surprised. I'm showing him some of the ropes - like good place to get a boat to nearby island and what to pay and how to walk back through the Bali Beach Hotel grounds. There was a cricket game going on at the soccer field with what appeared to be Aussies and Indonesians. That's unusual. A little food stand set up. Introduced Ian to Anno, Flores Christian who with his brother Ben run the little travel stand on the corner and broker laundry cheaper than using the homestay. He met Wayan (most popular name for biggest caste here - 1st born) She's a female masseuse. 60 rupia for an hour she told him - less than five bucks. He made a date with her for tomorrow. Jumped in pool here to get cleaner and talked to blind London Philip who spends a lot of time in the pool drinking beer. His and Bali wife Rini's baby is over two weeks old now. Sweet Grace from Munchen came with an inner tube. Ceiling fan is on. Nice day. Katrinka is back from her walk. It feels so cool I say. She says it's the low humidity. She says it's the 2nd day for cricket. She makes me take a shower and use soap at least once a week. Back to work. 

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