Saturday, May 16, 2015

(not) False Censorship Alarm

This is what comes up when a site is blocked, censored in Indonesia. I'm working on an article on Alan Watts and found Alan Watts dot com is blocked by Internet Positif. Trust Positif. It protects you. (Messages like that rolling by). Just posted about Vimeo being blocked here three days ago. Now Alan Watts?

At first I was pissed off and thought it must be a key word triggered a computerized decision to protect the people of Indonesia from Watt's message. But then I reviewed. Alan Watts dot org is Mark Watts official site for all things Watts and Alan Watts dot net is somebody else's site with links to all things Watts. And then a faint memoroid flitted by that Alan Watts dot com is a porn site. Oh yeah, I thought, that rings a bell. Since I can't test it would you please do so and as soon as I see a confirmation on that I'll indicate so here. Thanks. - dc [dchad at cuke dot com]

Nope - this is a legit Watts site. No porn. What a stupid censorship tool they've got here. Par for the course. Managment is not their strong suit. - Thanks Andrew and Don. 

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