Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Katrinka's on her way

Katrinka's on her way to the airport now after six weeks in the US. Her ride to the airport from Tiburon to SFO is costing her $100. That's with a private driver and car. Taxis from there are, according to what I see on web, 170 to 210 from Tiburon to SFO airport. We're about that far from the airport time-wise, traffic is slower here, and the set price for taxi is 14 bucks and one can get there probably for half that much with a private driver.

The airline told her to get to the airport four hours in advance due to Covid restrictions. She's flying Qatar to Doha and Doha to Jakarta. 15 hrs 15 min plus 8 hrs 30 min = 23 hours and 45 minutes in the air. Then a week in quarantine as long as no one in her plane tests positive. Then it's 2 weeks in a hotel. Then a few hours to Denpara and we're reunited! On the 20th if all goes well. I''ll be tracking her progress. - DC

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