Friday, January 14, 2022

Baliyuga Taken Hostage for a Day

On Friday Facebook unpublished the new Baliyuga Facebook page and put it under review. We disputed but I gave up hope right away as because I've learned there's no recourse if they make a decision. Or so I thought. For on Saturday they republished it. I gather it's because it's a business page - band pages are business pages - and apparently they pay more attention to them, take them more seriously. For one thing they try constanly to sell promotion for business pages and make zillions that way. I posted on my personal FB page about FB unpublishing the Baliyuga page and got a lot of responses. Many of them told of rediculous experiences with FB blocking, unpublishing, deleting totally innocent pages and posts. But there were a few who urged me not to give up because it was a biz page and I learned there things one can do and there are are actual real live people one can contact about such a problem. So anyway it was a big relief that it came back and it also has turned out to be a good bit of free PR garnering me sympathy like someone who got beat up by a bully. 

Not incidentally, this page, Cuke nonZense, has been made mostly inactive by FB since years ago. Got a message saying it didn't follow community standards. No details. No option to dispute. It's not a biz page. And I can vouch that there was nothing unwholesome ever posted on these hallowed pages.  

So here's the Baliyuga Facebook page

And the Baliyuga page on Defuser Music dot com 

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