Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Today is Galungan

Every 210 days we have Galungan and ten days later there's Kuningan and that whole time has a great significance for the Hindus here. Homes and businesses sport Penjor, a tall, bending, decorated bamboo pole, Ketut Artana, driver we've known since we arrived and husband of our beloved housekeeper Kadek, just put a note on a penjor and Galungan video I put on Facebook earlier. He reminded me it's the victory of darma over adarma - or like good over evil. It's the custom to give extra money to those who work for you so Kadek, gardener Made, and driver Nyoman received that but not the Muslims finishing up the guest room construction here. It's not their trip. Yeah Muslims! And Vincent who brings and prepares coconuts twice a week is a Christian so none for him. Yeah Christians!

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