Friday, March 26, 2021

Report from Home

Aside from the vital work I'm doing -

Construction moving along for the new room. Gosh do they work fast and with such concentration. Helps me concentrate on the stuff I'm doing - their focus rubs off on me. And nice taking breaks to get up, walk around, and see what all that banging is about. Went to the beach with Katrinka. Get there about once a week now. Makes me appreciate it. A nice hour and a half break.

Looks like vaccine next week. Our visa agent is getting us an updated surat domicile - domicile letter showing we live here. Everyone in Sanur is mandated to get a free vaccine within three weeks starting this week. We're now one of three Green Zones that are getting special treatment - leaving others to languish. At the shot in the arm centers, the locals go first, then the lowly foreigners. I'll tell you - discrimination hurts.

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