Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Every Day It's a Gettin Closer

 I don't want to get the vaccine before others but there's an order here and our time is getting close and I'm excited by it a little. We've been around so many people here and it's usually pretty open air and fans on and all but it will be a relief when we get our vaccinations. We'd rather have what's available in the US but Sinovac with it's lower effectiveness still gives good protection against serious illness and heaven forfend death. The heirarchy here has been health workers, locals over sixty and those who work with tourists or even might serve them, then older foreigners with KITAP permanent residence visas then us with KITAS, temporary residence visas. But then a new catagory has come into play which is anyone living in one of the newly designated Green Zones of Ubud, Nusa Dua, and Sanur where we live. Neighbors Tom and Yvonne are going to line up for theirs tomorrow and report back. Appaarantly there will be 100 doses a day in Sanur first come first serve for those with the right documents. I think I need to get one of them from our visa agent or landlord. We'll see. 

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