Sunday, February 28, 2021


 Received a check a few months after it would normally have arrived. Person who sent it said he had a good excuse - he's lazy. I replied that I'd never thought about it once. And added:

Some Local Phrases

Sing ken ken. Balinese - no big deal

The rest are Indonesian

Tidak apa apa - no big deal

Jam karet - rubber time

Tidak terburu-buru - No need to hurry.

Santai saja - take it easy

Pelan pelan 


The mirror opposite of Japan where the #1 word mothers said to children was reported to be:

Hayaku! - Hurry up.

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  1. Hayaku - one of the first words I learned as an 11 year old when first moved to Japan, then came the requisite Japanese swear words ­čśë