Saturday, February 27, 2021

Mouse R Us

We have a mouse in the house. For a long time. I see it now and then like if I get up before it's light and am sitting working in the living room I might catch it in the corner of my eye running along the base of the wall.  We learned we've got to keep the pet foot container lids on tight or she'll get in therm. She'll eat a little out of a banana sometimes so we've been keeping them in a hanging net. Our cat Kucita has killed a couple of mice. We've found the remains. She doesn't eat them like our cat in the US did. But recently she seems rather unconcerned and she's mainly at the neighbors anyway. Dogette Bandita has paid much more mind. She has gotten obsessed with the mouse. She'll sniff around, especially sticking her nose in under the stove. Sometimes she gets so worked up. She'll sniff here and there and run around and out the back pet door and back in as if she were chasing it.  I've seen her chase the mouse from the kitchen to the living room where mousy can dart under the couches. Sometimes Bandi will sit for hours staring at the stove or in that direction, waiting I guess for the mouse to appear. She was doing that the other day while I was doing dishes and I saw the mouse run from behind the fridge hugging the wall around the corner and toward the living room - going right by where Bandi was sitting and staring. Poor Bandi. She just doesn't have what it takes to get the mouse. That's okay with me. As long as there's just one mouse and she doesn't leave droppings anywhere or do any harm.

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