Saturday, January 30, 2021

What Meats the Palate, a Rumination

 Owsley Stanley was the Grateful Dead's sound man. He created the famed wall of sound with a giant stack of many many large large speakers. Now those speakers are scattered around. Some of them were kept outside a home on a few acres next to John Tarrant's home where we lived for years. Owsley was also known as a manufacturer and distributor of the purest form of LSD available in the Bay Area and beyond. He moved to Australia in the nineties. When he was visiting the Bay Area, he frequently stayed at the Panama Hotel where Katrinka worked. He was an old friend of the owner. Owsley ate an all meat diet or that's the word on him. He must have had some other food in his diet. I remember reading once that he considered vegetables to be poisonous. Later in life in had, as I recall, a quadruple bypass, and did not attribute the need for it to his meat diet. 

Thinking about Owsley's diet, I imagined a situation where we were stuck in a situation where we had to eat an all meat diet. Katrinka and I do not seek out faux meat but we've eaten it here in Asia where some Chinese vegan restaurants make faux meat dishes from soy and wheat and other vegetable products that are amazingly yummy.  But an all meat and dairy (I assume) diet does not sound enticing to me. I envision meals with faux vegetable dishes. Beef, pork, mutton, lamb, kangaroo, dairy - all creatively presented as eggplant parmesan, risotto, spinach salad, pea soup. What might help to make this possible is the imperative to move meat production from methane farting animals to laboratories. This is in the early stages but seems destined to be the butcher shop of the future, and home of an inventive rebirth of nouvelle cuisine. 

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