Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Floating Leaf

Yesterday was Katrinka's birthday. I call this her birthday week. So we're spending a couple of nights away from home at the Floating Lotus Luxury Retreat owned by a friend of hers in BIWA, the Bali International Women's Asso. Tomorrow they're going early to East Bali with some other members to pass out clothes and food and I don't know what to the poorest people in Bali. This beautiful place is in the middle of sprawling rice paddies. Just the sumptuous dinner of fish in spices and potato fritters with mango walnut salad could have cost more than our whole stay - in a US restaurant that served food that well prepared. Breakfast and an excellent massage are included in the cost which is about 35 bucks a day for us with 30% Covid-19 discount. We brought our Mighty Mix (trail mix) and some bread and cheese for lunch munch. That's plenty. Making a podcast with Mige (sp?), who's taking care of us here. Hope to post it sometime Thursday. He drove me earlier to nearby Bimbika Farms where they create small aquaponic catfish and water spinach systems for the home. We're trying one out so we can pass it and maybe others on to locals we know. - DC

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