Thursday, November 19, 2020

A Mother Passes

 Our neighbor and close friend, Y's mother is in her nineties and just died. She was from Belgium and married a Philippine. Y got word a month ago that her mother was dying. She wanted to get back there but she couldn't. She also couldn't communicate with her mother due to a bad relationship with her sisters who are there. A few days ago, Y was staying for a couple of days in a friend's villa here in Bali, staying there to be quiet with her thoughts and prayers for her mother. She's Catholic. She had a little shrine in her room there with a photo of her mother. She had been sitting quietly in the room for a while then got up to walk out. At the door she got a feeling, turned around, looked at her mother's picture then heard her mother's voice saying, "I'm going now." Y then said what she had been wanting to say to her mother. A few minutes later she got a message that her mother had just died.

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