Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Naming the Cat

Whereas our Kat's name is Katrinka, our cat is name Kuci, short for Kucita, her formal name, pronounced kuchi and kuchita. The origin of her name is that Katrinka was calling her kucing. Since kucing means cat in Indonesian, I protested that we shouldn't call a cat, Cat. I suggested something close to kucing - Kucita to usually be called Kuci. Katrinka persisted with kucing and I persisted with Kuci. That worked out fine until a guest would ask what the cat's name was. Katrinka would say kucing. Notice I don't capitolize it as that would be acknowledging that it was a proper noun. When Katrinka told guests that her name was kucing I'd say, "No, she's wrong. Her name is Kuci." This sort of exchange was never accompanied by any arguing but it did confuse guests at times. Sometimes now Kat calls Kuci Kuci - or Kucing.

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