Monday, September 7, 2020

Explaining the name Bandi from the previous post

 You may already know this depending on what you follow that issues from these dancing fingers, but the origin of our doggette Bandi's name goes back to the same afternoon with Katrinka, me, Made the vet, and Nyoman driver mentioned a couple of posts ago when I made the tasteless suggestion of Airway for our new puppy's name. Katrinka then said Well then what should we name her. Some novel names were tried - Spot, Rover, Fido - no, none of them seemed right. Katrinka said, Well, she's blond, how do you say blonde in Indonesian? and she brushed the side of her head with her hand. Neither of them speak much English at all and I didn't know the word for blond. I started to look it up on my iPhone but the vet seemed to have understood what Katrinka had asked because she said, Bando. Oh - Bando. That sounds nice. So she was Bando. Till a few days later when we discovered to our embarassment that bando meant headband. That's what vet Made had assumed Katrinka meant with the brush of her hand down the side of her head. The vet came by and I told her of the misunderstanding we'd just discovered. I told her we didn't like the name Pirang which is blond in Indonesian and that we'd used bando so much we decided to just change it a little bit to bandi. Oh no she said, that's no good, not a good name. Why, I asked. Because it sounds like bandit and bandits are bad. Bandit! Wonderful. I called Katrinka to come out to the courtyard and we agreed that our doggette was a bandit of sorts but she was small and female so, bringing in a little Spanish we gave her the formal name, Bandita which we do use sometimes though mainly we call her Bandi and almost three years now, she's ansswered to that name.

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