Friday, May 29, 2020

Beach opens soon?

A pecalang, neighborhood securty and service guy, at an entrance to the beach here in Sanur, said he thought it would open up on June 1st. Dogette Bandita and I sure hope so. She wants to run free and wade into the water and I want to swim. I can swim at a very nice nearby guest house pool anytime I want but I use my afternoon break to take her for a walk and usually don't want to then go to the Kolonial House a good two minutes away to swim. If I do, that's the pool I use cause it's longer than the other one below. It has so little chlorine I can't tell it's there but the other one has salt water which I prefer but it's shorter and it has a canopy over it so it's cooler. I never hang out at a pool or the beach. Swim and go home or stay and work on my laptop. Check out the Kolonial House site. It's hard to stay there when Bali's open because the owner Chris also owns the nearby beautiful Power of Now Yoga place at the beach and it's frequently filled with people going there or doing a teacher training. If you can get a reservation it's about fifty or sixty bucks a night. There are cheaper places.

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