Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Secret Walk

It keeps thinking it's rainy season. But didn't rain till eve today. Before that I took Bandita for a walk. We stopped at the baracade of bamboo poles and standing signs for other purposed - Sorry for the delay, there's a ceremony - Slow, roadwork. At the nearby narrow lane leading to the beach - looked longingly down - wall t the Prama Hotel to the left and to the Mercure to the right. Two women rode up on a motorbike. I asked if they knew when it would be open. One of them told me to go on in now. I said it's forbidden. She said it's okay if you have a mask. She got off her motorbike and pulled back a standing sign, gesturing me to go on in. I haven't seen any pecalang guarding it in a while, maybe a week. They followed on their bike. On our way in we we met a guy on a motorbike on his way out. Saw six othre people here and there in the thirty minutes we were there - three working. It was windy. It's been over two weeks. Bare feet in the sand. a nice break.

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