Thursday, April 16, 2020

Beaches reopen in Sanur

I'm not sure what's happening elsewhere but here in Sanur, the beach approaches near our house are open again. There are large signs in Indonesian and English stating the rules which are most reasonable. Wear a face mask. Keep a distance from others. I saw about thirty people, locals and expats, those with dogs like me, couples, a few in the water like me. Bandi follows on the beach as I swim along down it. Then we walked back. Water was neither cool nor warm. Sun was going down. Rain clouds in the distance. Lot of dogs, some with people, some not. None a problem.

That sign was put up in Cangu on March 30th, a popular surfing beach an hour from here. In Indonesian it says temporarily closed. Maybe they closed it till they got the signs up with the rules. There aren't all these anti-government, anti-authority people here who flout the rules. Here they're more likely to ignore the rules because they didn't pay attention and are used to purification rituals at the beach and so forth. We'll see how it goes.

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