Friday, April 17, 2020

Bali’s mysterious immunity to Covid-19

That's the headline of an Asia Times article from a few days agoHmm. Hope that most people here don't buy into that being dependable. There'd be a strong tendency I think, to say that they're being protected by some gods or spirits. The official numbers for Bali are 113 positive and still just 2 deaths. I see people being careful and not. Local Muslim food outlet down the street, with one table in front that seats six, usually has one or two people sitting. Yesterday the sweet old thin neighborhood lady was just leaving with a bundle - they do a lot of take-out - while a younger woman stood in front of the cashier paying for something. There was a guy on a stool. None of them wore masks. It was business as normal. The traffic on the two lane street is less, maybe a third of normal. I wait.

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