Thursday, March 19, 2020

Bali and the Virus

I know more about what's happening in other parts of the world than where I live. There are few reported cases here and one death I know of. But there's no testing that I know of either. I'm usually home working and get out some, mainly to walk to the beach. Kat's friend Alice came by and we walked our dogs to the beach. Still few reported cases here. Locals don't seem to be thinking about it much except as it effects business. I keep hearing things are shutting down and meeting canceled and a lot of restrictions on who can enter and I heard there's no visa on arrival now - but I don't know what's true or a rumor and I'm not trying too hard because I'll learn soon enough. Mainly I'm treating it like I was in San Francisco.

Got the following from

Current Covid-19 Numbers in Indonesia

Date: 19th March 2020

COVID-19 Infections confirmed: 309
New cases: +82
Active cases: 269 
Death : 25 
Fully Recovered: 15

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