Monday, January 27, 2020


Stopped by the corner phone shack and bought Katrinka some data for Internet access in her iPhone and I know hers expires at midnight. On the way back home will drop into the small local post office to pay the water bill and buy 500,000 rupiah of electric pulsa for the home, the maximum the sweet woman there can sell. She’s already got our info so she sees me, we chat, she gives me the bill, I pay, and she gives me the receipt with the 20 numbers I have to write into a box on a wall on the porch and about 320 kilowatts appears on our account. We use about 16 KW a day so it costs almost two bucks a day. But before the post office, a walk to Bali Mandara Hospital to get my ear checked, to see if the perforation has closed and I can go swimming again. Will tell about that and subsequent events in tomorrow’s exciting instalment of Life in Sanur. [photo - corner place where I bought the phone data for Katrinka.]

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