Monday, August 26, 2019

Travel Rules

I call these travel rules but I'm not traveling and they apply at home as well as away, but when you're away, it can be more crucial.

1 - Don't put anything down or away thinking you'll pick it up before you leave. I've seen so many people loose important stuff this way and it's not just space case forgetful types. It's all types. It is painful for me to remember Clay traveling in India with an expensive camera and recorder he bought for the trip - threw his bag in the back storage area of a tuk tuk and remembered it as he watched it drive out of sight. Spent three days trying to find that driver and tuk tuk and get back his treasure. Ouch. So many stories like that. Bag of money to deliver from a drug deal left in a phone booth that was right in front of the person - had to skip town. Yvonne left her purse in the pocket in front of her seat on the Shinkansen train in Japan. She had to take a train to the next stop an hour away to get it back.

More later.  

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