Saturday, August 24, 2019

Off to Bali Mandara

Bali Mandara is the new hospital that I walk to in 18 minutes from home. Tomorrow, Sunday, I go there at 3pm and check into a private room for a few days. Monday morning I'll have an operation for an inguinal hernia. I've had a bunch of tests there recently in preparation for that and to determine why I had a tightness or burning in my upper abdomen - blood tests, chest X-ray (digital X-ray - all the latest equipment), ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy. The results were that my stomach wall is irritated with redness and an ulcer. The biopsies were negative and bacteria was ruled out as a cause. The doctor prescribed no medication. Told me to eat lots of fibre which I already do. I've also stopped eating anything with hot spice which I'd gotten into. It's not been shown to be a cause of ulcers but it sure makes it hurt. Rich foods are no good either. We were almost vegan to begin with and have simplified. I weighed 180 last week. The least I've weighed since Kelly was born 45 years ago. I like that. The abdominal discomfort is not always and not if I'm sitting or lying down or swimming. No one can explain that. The hernia doesn't hurt at all and I was willing to live with it but the doctors are all worried about complications later and they are pretty sharp. I'm impressed with everyone there. The place is run smoothly and efficiently. Makes me feel like I'm in Singapore, not Bali. Check you later.

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