Sunday, August 4, 2019

Reviews of The Great Hack

Yesterday's post was a DC review of The Great Hack. Here are two reviews.

The Variety review - "An intelligent but infuriating piece of liberal hand-wringing.".- did not contest the facts of the film but was critical of the slant, accusing it of promoting solutions that would stifle the first ammendment. I didn't get that out of it. I didn't see any solutions suggested, just a look at the mechanics of the new propaganda. I came out of it thinking there's no way to stop it which is what the Variety reviews says but claimed that's what the film proposes. It did make the case that one's data is one's personal property and should not be used by anyone without ones permission.

Rolling Stone review is more positive.  "Documentary on how Cambridge Analytica harvested private data to help undermine democracy is a sobering reminder to stay vigilant."

I'm reminded of Greg Palast's sober suggestion of what to do in the face of such eggregious legal and illegal Republican voter suppression and other methods to win elections such as gerimandering. He wrote that they can only do so much with these methods and so maybe the Dems have to win by more than 5% in many cases - they should be able to do that if they do their job.

Note - I'm not saying the US Democratic Party is the answer to all problems. I just see them as the far lesser of two evils at this moment. 


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