Monday, August 5, 2019

Amazing Factoid - to me anyway

Katrinka was just in Australia, Adelaide area, for three weeks. She just told me that she didn't see anyone rinse dishes there. They just washed in regular commercial dish soap and then towl dried. Katrinka assumed that practice had to do with water conservation which is of great importance there. She asked the friend she was traveling with about this and she said that she'd never seen dishes rinsed until she came to Bali almost forty years ago. I remember my sister's first husband just quickly passed the soap dishes under hot waterr and put them in a rack. He said the soap will evaporate. I said that the water will but the soap will still be there as a residue. Back in the early days at Tassajara, I became a Basic H salesman to get whole prices on their products, mainly the dish soap which we bought in 55 gallon drums. It was edible. If I were in Australia with a family that didn't rinse, I think I'd fork out the loot for some organic soap like that.

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