Monday, July 1, 2019

More Law Enforcement Needed

I read about how the federal government is going to give Alaska funds to hire more Law Enforcement for the outlying areas.  That is such a contrast to here in Bali where the banjar, the neighborhoods, have their own administration and security force in addition to the local police and federal troops when called for. Mainly the local security, the pecalang, keep an eye out and make sure all is okay and help out in many ways. It's just nonsalaried neighborhood men. There were other forms of local security before, but the pecalang is a rather recent thing. We go to the nearby island of Lembongan sometimes where everyone knows everything and there's very low crime and I remember concerns when a police building was put up. Police are often associated with needing to bribe them. But we've been back since they arrived and they don't seem to be causing any trouble. The Gili Islands have no police. They're small, without cars and dogs either which is a relief. Some tourists were caught stealing on one of them and had to walk around the island with signs around their necks announcing they were thieves. Better than jail.

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