Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Canine and Man Together Against Waste

Sometimes I use dogette Bandi to clean out an oily pan. She'll keep licking at it long after it seems to me that there's anything left to lick. If some types of food go bad she can help by thoroughly disposing of them for us. She's excellent for having around the kitchen or dinner table to help clean up any crumb that falls, drips, or spills on the floor. She patrols the entire area floor area daily for any spec of something edible. Katrinka uses me in the same way, knowing my obsession with not wasting. She's away for meetings a lot and will let me know what leftovers in the fridge are oldest. Some fruit or vegetables that are getting unappetizing looking she places on top of the compost container knowing I'll consume whatever won't consume me. Soy milk or juice containers or a blender jar that had just been used will be left on the counter for me to add a bit of drinking water and shake to get the last bit before washing or disposing. Same with peanut or sesame butter jars that are apparently all used up. Bandi and I are proud to do our share of house chores.

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