Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Tide Times

It's interesting how many people don't understand how the tides work. I'm just talking about when they're high and low here in Sanur. I'm not surprised when a tourist speaks of the high tide as if it's the same time every day, but Nyoman, my trusty driver and helper? He asked if I was going to go to the beach to swim and I said not till the tide's high enough and had to explain to him that it's late in the afternoon today. It rotates around the clock with two high and two low tides roughly 12 hours apart from each other. Today the high tide is estimated by the site I look at (it's not exact but close enough) to be at 3:38 PM and tomorrow at 5:36 as I recall. That's almost a two hour jump. That happens when the high tide is approaching the sunset time. When it's in the morning, it tends to be about a half hour later the next day and continue like that till it's in the late afternoon like tomorrow. 

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