Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Rent paid up

Just hocked the family jewels and paid rent for our home in Sanur up to September, 2021 so even if we are destitute we will have a place to be destitute in. And if we have to leave we can transfer it to someone else. Or we could do a house swap for a month or more with someone in the Bay Area or wherever we wished to be. But for now there are no plans to do anything more than stay here and keep working on the Cuke Archives and other mad ventures. Our landlord is such a sweet guy. Local senior, traditional, doesn't speak English. We didn't even make an English copy of the new contract this time. The prior one which went up to September of this year stated that the rent would go up if we extended but, without me even saying anything he said he didn't want an increase. He likes having us here. He likes that we meditate and do yoga like him and that Katrinka councils people for free. Hard to leave here. Anything remotely comparable in the US would be at least ten times more expensive. 

Photo of some guys from Java I've known for years who were helping out here. They're sitting on the bale, a traditional raised area in the front courtyard. That's kardino on the left. Carpenter, builder. Known him almost five years. Next is son Peri, Jainul who did tile work, Bambang the plumber.

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