Monday, February 4, 2019

Bali Warning

Lot of hot pepper here. Penas means hot temperature and pedas means spicey hot. Lot of pedas here. Mostly it's not too hot, sometimes requiring a moment to adjust, maybe wipe the eyes running, tissue for running nose. Sambal is Indonesian salsa and there are many types, various mixes of chopped chili bits and tomato, garlic, fish paste, shallots. A German woman we know who lives half time in Thailand and is married to a Thai, has a small restaurant here that makes great curry dishes for there or delivery and she gave me a tiny bottle of a Thai chile powder she said had garlic and some other stuff in it. It's different and I like it so last night I sprinkled some on the fantastic pizza Katrinka made with pita bread, steamed cauliflower and broccoli, and sharp cheddar. After a while my eyes were watering so I wiped around them with a cloth napkin from my lap. Katrinka asked me to pass the olive oil and vinegar but Ouch! Some of that hot Thai chili must have hit the napkin. I was groaning and laughing and couldn't pass anything to her. It was not subsiding. Went blindly to the kitchen, filled a large bowl, stuck my head in it, and opened my eyes. Relief. Another thing I have to beware of is handling chilies and then taking a pee. I'll keep the details of that to myself.

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