Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Bali Compost Report

I collect organic kitchen waste in a covered bucket in the small back courtyard garden. About once a week walk it to a big perforated plastic container up front, dump it in, smooth it around so it's level, and put some low grade fertilizer on top. I might pee on it then if I've got the urge. After that I clean out the bucket and wash my hands. Then I wash my hands again. And again. Hard to get the odor of that wet decomposing vegetation off. The reason I use the fertilizer instead of the usual plain ol' dirt is that got to look around for the dirt, go out and get it or have it delivered. There's a guy drives around with bags of this fertilizer and he sells them for less than a couple of bucks each so it's convenient. I got two bags which filled the 50 gal container. Then he came back in a week and tries to sell me two more and I told him I'm using it to make compost and it will be a long time before I need more. So he came back a week later and I explained again I won't need any for months and months. He keeps coming every week. Nothing I say or do can discourage him. I close the gate on him and tell him to go away. No effect. I tell him to give up. He's back in a week. I think now that I'd miss him if he didn't come. 

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